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But at that moment, his two fingers held skyward in the crisp October air, Gunnar Esiason’s confidence is so unmistakable that you forget about the battle he’s still waging. An English major at Boston College, he keeps an enlightening, and candid, blog about living with CF.“When I’m not feeling so hot, like this past week, my mucus feels like yogurt,” he wrote in August.

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The “G-Tube,” which can give him up to 5,000 calories a day, is a relatively new gadget that Gunnar picked up two years ago after a bout with pancreatitis.The summer of 2013 was especially bad for Gunnar, who had just graduated from BC and was hoping to go to law school.But he kept shuffling in and out of the hospital as doctors kept injecting IV after IV trying to figure out why he couldn’t stay hydrated or maintain his weight.Gunnar fell in love with the offense Colin Kaepernick was running with the 49ers. But he quickly realized that San Francisco’s read-option and blocking schemes might be too complex, so he scrolled back to Kaepernick’s college career.“I can’t tell you how many hours I spent watching You Tube videos of Nevada,” he says.

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