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Albertina Sisulu who led the United Democratic Front (UDF) in its 1980s war against white rule denied that Winnie Madikizela-Mandela visited and argued with Dr.Asvat in his Soweto surgery hours before he was murdered on January 27, 1989.Her husband, Walter, the man who brought Nelson Mandela into politics, served as secretary-general of the African National Congress (ANC) before going underground and hiding out at a farm at Rivonia, near Johannesburg, then being captured and sentenced to life imprisonment with Nelson Mandela and other ANC leaders.

She did not miss the march of 20,000 women to Pretoria to protest against the government's new ruling that African women had to carry passes; nor did she miss a chance to defy the new pass laws in 1958.You cannot imagine how pleased everybody was to hear from you.I received your letter yesterday afternoon, the 10th August 1964, it was dated 12 July 1964. I am going to tell your sons to study hard because it will be a disgrace if you can pass examinations and they fail.When the state of emergency was declared in 1986, Albertina was among the first to be restricted and her restrictions were only finally lifted on the day before her husband was released — October 14, 1989.Now, I smile when I imagine how you all join hands and hold a leadership caucus and look down on us from an ANC branch — always with the unity of our nation and the progress of our continent at the top of the agenda.

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