Vento aureo online dating

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Our goal is to create a reference for all official material related to this ongoing series.

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It is only a matter of time before the war to destroy ABHAILE begins in earnest. Bear in mind that english is not my first language and that i'm writting without a beta reader!

Shizuka will have to make friends, find allies and fend off the agents of ABHAILE, all while keeping a low profile and her battle a secret. I hope you enjoy the fanfic nonetheless ) Jotaro goes to Morioh to investigate increased stand and vampire activity in the area as.

The Speedwagon Foundation, a prolific oil company, has discovered a new reserve under central Egypt. It just so happens that his ex-lover Noriaki Kakyoin is a vampire who Jotaro still pines after is now his assigned partner.

This potent zero-emission fuel - named Arrowoil - is said to be the biggest step humanity has taken since the lightbulb. Meanwhile,an attack that leaves Josuke bound to a vampire with a familiar face as his mate causes him and Okuyasu realize their feelings for each other.(finally off of hiatus.regular updates resumed) What if La Squadra Di Esecuzione had been successful?

But Dio has a grudge against Jotaro and wants nothing but to see Jotaro suffer.In which a business opportunity turns into a vacation turns into a trap turns into a heist, and Dio manages to ruin everything from beyond the grave YET AGAIN. Faced with two murderers on the loose and the responsibilities of parenting, Jotaro is bound to find himself in a predicament. (Or the story in which the past catches up with the present and Giorno catches up with his past) Don Giovanna, the powerful boss of Passione, decided to come out as gay to his second in command and best friend, Guido Mista.("Everyone lives" AU set three years after Vento Aureo) I don't think I'll stop updating this. Dio and Jonathan still don't get along, but it's still funny. The spinoff to Rockabye, the story told in Jotaro's eyes. In turn, the capo doesn't know how to handle the information and the don surely fears that this fact will shake the foundations of their friendship.In a new world after the Shinigami Foundation uses nanites to "fix" a broken world, Ichigo Kurosaki finds treasures from the past to help build a future.A chance encounter with a strange woman in need of help lands him right in the middle of a salvage ship called the Gold Experience and in the middle of a struggle to save one young woman from her own father.

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