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Avalon Dock is a docking windows control for WPF that lets you create customizable layouts using a full featured window docking system similar to what is found in many popular integrated development environements (IDEs) such as Visual Studio. You can get Avalon Dock as part of the free open source Extended WPF Toolkit, as part of Xceed Toolkit Plus for WPF with support and the latest updates, or you can download a stand-alone version here.Please strongly consider getting Extended WPF Toolkit Plus which provides Avalon Dock as well as 50 other awesome WPF controls at the the industry's most affordable price. was passed for the verbose parameter and there were certificates installed that weren't supported by the . Now, the method will succeed and return a valid string that omits the inaccessible portions of the certificate.Any code depending on To String(Boolean) should be updated to expect that the returned string may exclude some certificate data (such as public key, private key, and extensions) in some cases in which the API would have previously thrown. NET Framework 4.6.2, for connection open requests to known Azure SQL databases (*.database.windows.net, *.database.chinacloudapi.cn, *.database.usgovcloudapi.net, *.database.cloudapi.de), the connection pool blocking period is removed, and connection open errors are not cached.NET Framework versions will correctly compare to one another. In most cases there should be no impact to existing apps as TLS 1.0 has always been included in the protocol list for Net Tcp.Convert the strings back to Content Dispositions, if possible, before conducting a comparison. All existing clients should be able to negotiate a connection using at least TLS1.0. NET Framework 4.6 adds TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 to the WCF SSL default protocol list. NET Framework 4.6 or later installed, TLS 1.2 is used for negotiation.Runtime changes affect all apps that are running under a .

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Converting dates between the Persian Calendar and other calendars may produce a slightly different result beginning with the .Enable View State Mac must be assumed to be true, and any resulting MAC errors must be resolved (as explained in this guidance, which contains multiple resolutions depending on the specifics of what is causing MAC errors). NET Framework 4.5 using the Net Data Contract Serializer cannot be deserialized in the . Be aware that Get Custom Attribute(s) will work more frequently now.If an app was previously relying on the Ambiguous Match Exception, reflection should now be used to explicitly look for multiple indexers, instead.NET Framework 4.5 if running on a Windows 7 machine with a non-IFS Winsock BSP or LSP are present on the computer.To determine whether a non-IFS BSP or LSP is installed, use the A bug in the . Encrypted Xml began to fail and throw Security Exception exceptions. NET Framework 4.6 and 4.6.1, the method throws a Cryptographic Exception if the signature itself is badly formatted. NET Framework 4.6, the exception message given if a Data Contract Serializer or Data Contract Json Serializer fails to serialize or deserialize due to missing 'known types' has been clarified.

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