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“Doing anything else would facilitate the evils that are there” in chronically poor and crime-afflicted Guatemala, Hansen told me.

“The looting, the poaching, the narco-trafficking, the prostitution, and all of the ills that come along with all of that.” (Hansen has for years pitched the construction of a small train that would cut the non-helicopter travel time to eight hours and provide some tourist business to Carmelita and other villages, so far to no avail.) But those who have managed to visit La Danta and its surrounding ruins have come away overwhelmed at the huge monument-studded area that might have supported as many as one million people during its heyday.

After 900, that civilization appears to have collapsed, and the inhabitants of its impressive cities abandoned them precipitously.

The Mayan ruins at Tikal, as well as those at such well-traveled tourist destinations as Uxmal and Palenque in southern Mexico and Copán in Honduras, all represent glorious architectural phases of the classic Mayan period.

The best that the preclassic Maya could do, it was thought, was to erect a modest eight-meter pyramid at Uaxactún, a settlement about 12 miles north of Tikal.

Archaeologists were long aware that there had also been a “preclassic” Mayan period dating from roughly 1,800 b.c. He is smiling as he holds onto the pretty blonde's knee and she is beaming at him while wearing her engagement ring as well as a black sweater and cut-off shorts.Armstrong, who had long denied using performance-enhancing drugs, admitted to doping in January 2013 during a much-publicized interview with talk show host Oprah Winfrey. Landis stands to gain up to 25 percent of whatever sum the government recovers.But the temple-pyramid of La Danta unearthed by Hansen at El Mirador and similarly ornamented with intricate carvings is a shade higher, at 236 feet.The main reason the 300,000-odd tourists who visit Tikal every year don’t flock in equal numbers to the Mirador Basin to look at its vastly larger wonders is because they can’t, unless they are intrepid or rich.

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