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A Carolingian castle, built on the site of the Roman castle by the grandson of Charlemagne, Louis the German, is mentioned in 835 (in castro Turicino iuxta fluvium Lindemaci).

After Emperor Constantine's reforms in AD 318, the border between Gaul and Italy (two of the four praetorian prefectures of the Roman Empire) was located east of Turicum, crossing the river Linth between Lake Walen and Lake Zürich, where a castle and garrison looked over Turicum's safety.

Most of the ramparts built in the 17th century were torn down, without ever having been besieged, to allay rural concerns over the city's hegemony.

The Treaty of Zürich between Austria, France, and Sardinia was signed in 1859.

Many museums and art galleries can be found in the city, including the Swiss National Museum and the Kunsthaus.

The city is home to a large number of financial institutions and banking companies.

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