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Who knows – maybe he had a passion for black and white photography in his spare time, a girl could dream. The first (and only) real relationship I was ever in was with an introverted professional who lived in a nice area, wore nice suits, and worked at a law firm.My musical tastes in middle school and highschool, now, seem like a subconscious attempt to search for my tribe at an Animal Collective concert, or find at that free Sonic Youth gig in Williamsburg. It was a teenage kind of love, that all-encompassing, , let’s text all day, OMG I LOVE YOU!

All was good till my date confronted me about Finn the next day.For two years now I feel like dating has become less of an experience for me and more of a social experiement.These nighttime interviews involving wine (but mostly tequila shots) have done nothing but bring out the investigative journalist in me – I find myself now collecting experiences, stories, friendships, and personalities I’ve uncovered in the dating realm to add to my personal experience and my dossier of entertaining pub fodder I would share with friends.kind of love that gave me butterflies when he called, where you can’t help but turn red when he was brought up in conversation, and finally, of course, a fleeting love we should experience at least once, if we’re lucky.I found myself straying away from what became a healthy companionship because I craved that silly, messy, fun, young, teenage love.

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