Married sex games online

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Have a date night with your spouse and play this fun one. Pictionary – One of my personal favorites because I love to draw.

Get a group together and you could even do battle of the sexes as you team up girls verses guys! Monopoly – This game teaches couples about finances and mortgaging!

Here is a list of my favorite games if you need some inspiration.

Each of these games link to Amazon if you want to check them out in detail. Settlers of Catan – This game is best played with four people.

All what you have to do is relax and let him make love to you the way he wants.

It's bound to happen, married couples can end up treating sex as a chore and the intimacy decreases.

I want to encourage you and your spouse to be playing games.

Whether it is once a week or once in a while, I believe it can increase intimacy and stimulate growth in marriage.

Keep the choices interesting, you could include new sex positions or sexual fantasies in this sex game.

You'll get to know a lot about each others' sexual preferences from the choices that both of you will be making.

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