Automatic updating charts in excel

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He will be writing more often on using VBA, data analysis on our blog. At, I have one goal, "to make you awesome in excel and charting".

I thought it would be nice to share them to you all.When you click on the Update Drop Downs button, the VBA code uses the “Data” worksheet as a table and then finds unique values for Products, Region and Customer Types and then populates them as List Items for the Combo Box controls.Example for Products drop down What is important to notice here is how the Table and Fields have been identified using square brackets unlike traditional SQL where we just provide the name, also the table name has to be suffixed with a $ symbol at the end.The table below is only a partial list of features not supported.Insert 3D models to see all the angles Use 3D to increase the visual and creative impact of your workbooks. Excel opens them faster, so you can crunch formulas with large ranges, filter lots of rows, or copy and paste quicker.

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