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Still, he was concerned that the survey would give anti-equality partisans the opportunity to broadcast messages of intolerance.

Reports of homophobic bullying have been widespread.

“We really had to think about how to activate our base, things that people deal with in U. (A shoulder replacement two years ago means that Thorpe can no longer swim, “except to catch a wave.”) “Ryan thought he was a better swimmer than he was,” Thorpe said, chuckling.

“He kept fluffing his line at the end, so he was exhausted.” The line?

Murphy believes that Australian consumer confidence can also get a boost if same-sex marriage is legalised.

Recent polls suggest that majority of Aussies are for marriage equality.

In 2015, an ANZ research estimated that the economic benefit of the wedding-effect would be 0-550 million.

Thorpe lives in the suburb of Rose Bay, in eastern Sydney, which happens to be in Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s electorate. M.’s hand.” Turnbull is a vocal supporter of same-sex marriage but has had to appease the far-right members of his coalition government.

“I ran into Malcolm—quite literally, on a Sunday morning—a couple of weeks ago,” Thorpe said. Originally, he’d proposed a plebiscite, a compulsory vote to gauge public opinion.

“Every Australian should have the right to take the plunge with the person they love.” The campaign appeared to work: the Australian Electoral Commission announced there’d been a dramatic uptick in new enrollments, nearly a hundred thousand, before the roll closed.

A large proportion was reportedly young voters, the most likely to vote Yes—and the least likely to be familiar with the postal service.“One of the things our Yes campaign had to ask ourselves is, Is it demeaning to millennials to explain to them what a postbox is? “And, it turns out, yes, it is.” (The campaign had toyed with the idea of making a spoof video demonstrating how to seal and post an envelope.) As if on cue, a hipster with a bushy beard and very blue eyes stopped by our table, holding two sealed postal-survey envelopes, and asked if he could get a photo with Thorpe before he mailed them.

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